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The Blue Sky Beach Resorts in Sri Lanka

Blue Sky Resort is a closed to the Wijaya Beach Restaurant which is located on the long stretched elegant and gorgeous beach of UNAWATUNA Mihiripenna, Sri Lanka. Hotel Blue Sky is located just 6 Km south of the historical ancient city of Galle, the beach at Mihiripenna is secluded and offers its visitors a clamful relaxing swimming and sunbathing atmosphere at the turqouise water of the indean ocean.

Unawatuna Beach " Taste Ceylon Tea Roof top view with the sea "
Unawatuna Beach " Children can play at our beach saftly " No need to go find the beaches....you can have a bath one step from the hotel its private beach
Unawatuna Beach " Enjoy Sea bath at our Beach (Infront of Bluesky Resort) "
Unawatuna Beach " We at Mihiripenna is famous for its village fishermen who deliver us their fresh catch of the day "
Unawatuna Beach " View of the Inian Ocen - Our Hotel - Bluesky Beach "
Unawatuna Beach " Our dining corner facing to the ocean is quiet and enchanting for anyone who loves the beauty of the nature the Sea "
Unawatuna Beach " First Floor Balcony - Sea View "
Unawatuna Beach " Luxury Bathroom with essentials "

Passing Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna Beach is very clean and always bursting with life with tourists engaging in swimming, surfing & diving activities. A religious festival is also held annually in September at the shrine in the beach of Unawatuna. A trade fair is also held by the locals in this part of SRI LANKA during this festive period. Stalls full of SRI LANKAN souvenirs, handicrafts, curios & ornamentals could be found here during this time. You can go Unawatuna Beach by walking from our Hotel.
Our Hotel Policy is dedicated to serve you without hassels
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Travel information’s
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Important travel information’s for your arrival and stay at Bluesky Beach Resort.

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